Located in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District, Art Angels was founded in 2013 by Jacquelin Napal and Kat Emery.

With a full service solution to all of your art needs, Art Angels specializes in finding the perfect statement pieces for any client or project.

Collectors: In being a part of the Art Angels community, you will have access to both established and emerging artists from around the world. Whether you are interested in adding new artists to your portfolio or are searching for a particular piece, Art Angels can assist you with any of your art needs.

As a designer: we understand that there are many steps involved in creating the perfect space for your client and therefore offer a service that focuses on creating a custom portfolio for your client to view based on their space, decor and art preferences.

Developers: At Art Angels we understand how important first impressions can be when trying to sell a home and therefore have created a specialized team who can assist with the consignment and acquisition of artworks to stage your property.


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9020 Beverly Blvd, Suite B
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