New 85m dry dock at Heesen shipyards

We are proud to announce the completion of our new 85m dry dock and its 90m construction hall at our shipyards in Oss.
Our new dry dock measures 85m x 17m wide. The dry dock contains 6,502 m3 of water. The new construction all replaces sheds no. 2 and 3 and measures 98m x 30m x 22m. Some 500 tons of steel were utilized for the construction, which is equipped with the latest features to create the best possible working environment. Temperature and humidity are controlled, the floor is heated and automatic sun-tracker lights on the roof reduce the need of power for lighting by 25%. Both the dry dock and the shed are equipped with LED lights that can be dimmed to create the desired atmosphere. A high quality air filtering system provides optimal conditions for the painting process: 60,000m3 of air per hour will circulate through special filter staking in 70% of outside air and 30% recycled air.
“The new 85m dry dock is our investment in the future and our response to the market request for bigger yachts,” states Heesen board of directors. “The success of the 65m FDHF Galactica Star and 70m Galactica Super Nova – our largest yacht to date – has created a lot of interest from loyal clients, as well as from owners who are new to the Heesen brand. We are now ready to further expand the size of our yachts up to 80m and look forward to showing the world the next generation of Heesen: bigger and even greater Superyachts ! ”

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Heesen Yachts is pleased to announce the appointment of two new managers to their Sales and Marketing team.

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